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Packed with features

Everything you need to mix notes and calculations together.

Instant answers

Expressions are evaluated as you type and updated when needed.

Syntax highlighting

Makes the important things stand out, so that you can focus better on your tasks.


Declare variables are reuse them later, saving time and improving readability.

Unit conversion

Supports mass, distance, volume, temperature and much more. You can even add your own units.

Currency conversion

200+ currencies are supported out of the box, including crypto, with rates updated every hour.


Create and install custom plugins, which can add even more features.

Cares about your privacy

Parsify Desktop cares about your privacy like no other software. We do not need information about your location or age, thus we do not collect it. But there is more:

  • No trackers or analytics
  • Most calculations are done locally
  • Uses trusted data sources
  • Online functions are opt-out
Offline/online calculations

What are you waiting for?

Use for free with certain limits. Upgrade to support further development, remove limits and enjoy some extra features.

Free version


  • ✔️ Free forever
  • ℹ️ 5 line limit

Life-time license


  • ✔️ One-time payment
  • ✔️ Unlimited lines
  • ✔️ Custom units and plugins
  • ✔️ Time zone operations
  • ✔️ Supports further development
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