Next generation notepad-based calculator, built with extendibility and privacy in mind.

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v2.0.0 | macOS, Windows, Linux

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Instant answers

Write expressions on the left and see the answers appear on the right in real time.


Declare variables and reference them later to improve readability and boost your workflow.


Length, mass, volume, temperature, and more are included. You can always add custom ones if needed.


Quickly convert between 200+ currencies fiat and crypto currencies with rates updated every hour.


Use natural language to clearly express your thoughts and get accurate results.

Calendar operations

Working with date and time has never been easier! Do everything with natural language.

Time zones

Get to know the current time at thousands of different locations around the world.


Something is missing? Write a custom plugin and share it with others so that they can use it.


Fonts, text, and background colors etc. — everything can be adjusted to your needs.




Free forever

  • Variables, default units, and more

  • 5 lines evaluation limit


€30 one-time purchase + VAT

  • Lifetime license

  • Unlimited lines

  • Custom units and plugins

  • Time zone operations

  • Support further development


Do you offer a discount for students?

Yes, please reach out and include some information about you and your school.

How does Parsify Desktop compare to other, similar apps?

Please take a look at our comparison table.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Not yet, but we are planning on making it happen in the future.

Is it available in my language?

As of today, the user interface of Parsify Desktop is available fully or partially in:

  • English
  • Polish
  • German
  • French
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • Danish
  • Chinese Simplified

Feel free to contribute translations or enhance existing ones on Crowdin.

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